Introducing the world’s first ever laptop powered by Android named Lenovo A10 Android Laptop
You will be very glad and surprised to know about the first ever Android Laptop to be developed by leading Laptop Maker Lenovo. Lenovo is leading Laptop Marketer in India and Abroad and they are working on many research projects. After declining in Market Lenovo appoints Ranbir Kapoor as Brand Ambassadors, the company has witnessed the growth in Notebook Market in India. The company has also entered in Tablet Market in India and Abroad by launching their tablet PC’s Powered by Windows 8 & Android Tablets.
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How to AdSense Approve Contest
How to AdSense Approve  Contest 2013

Samsung is developing new smart 13.3 inch Tablet Dual Boot, Dual operating with Windows RT Operating system Android operating system
Latest Samsung new smart 13.3 inch Tablet Dual Boot, Dual operating with Windows RT OS Android OSSamsung is expanding its own electronic market and it is succeed in also. This time Samsung is creating new (funda) Formula for Pc’s and Laptop alternative (Dual boot dual Operating Tablet). Samsung is planning to acquire large share in the current Laptop and Desktop PC market by developing such type of devices.
Previously Samsung Plans to develop a 12.2 inch tablets but the company change its mind and it seems the company is working with even larger project.