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If you Never read before on the internet, How to earn online by AdSense Alternatives, Then I want to tell you new best earning tips and method To earn online. After AdSense Fileice is the most preferred by people. Believe me, you’ll thank me for it or this useful advice. does not work like AdSense. Because this is a uploading and sharing (Hoster) website. Now earn online via shared with alternatives. Registration at is not an easy. Like AdSense.  But you can Sing Up by our method in First Attempt 100% Guaranteed. There are three methods to earn online with AdSense Alternatives or we can say there are three Uploader and Sharing (Hoster) Site. It is File Flare, Points Earn and Shrinkonce.
What is the and why is much like Fileice?

Fileice is a Pay per download, upload and sharing (Hoster) website. Suggests that allows people to download with the survey and its accompanying Fileice publisher pays for it. Publishers and Blogger’s can use this to make some extra income on their Blog or Website.

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How to earn huge or Handsome via all these Alternatives and also via

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Top 3 Alternatives
 make money online  world's best methodToday not an easy to apply for Google AdSense as a publisher. Today, Google AdSense does not readily accept. Because Google AdSense Policies are very difficult. Nowadays is also very difficult to Sign up.

1. File Is a Simple Uploader and sharing site, which is allows to you earn online through upload and sharing. This is a close of You can invite your friends through social media, YouTube and other  website comment link on Google Search. Her\his is the benefit for more earning. Average $1 Pay per Download. Minimum $20 Payout via Pay Pal, Which the best for all.

“Five Reasons of Chosen”

  • Simple and Easy Registration Method
  • Payout: $20Minimum (via PayPal)
  • Viral Download
  • $1 Average per Download
10% for each Download (invite through Social media, web comment link and through your web blog.

sign up

2. ShrinkOnce is the second alternative of You will like it. Because this is the very easy to run and its Attractive Minimum Payout $0.01 (one Cent) method Via Paypal. This is much better than File flare. You can Share your Files Anywhere with Shrink URL’s. Wherever you want. Like Facebook, twitter or any Social Media and also on your Blog/Websites. In this you will also earn 10% of your lifetime Referral.

“Five Reason of Chosen”

  • Minimum Payout One Cent Only (0.1, via Pay Pal)
  • Minimum Cash out required only o.1 Cent which is very good for all
  • You will earn 10% of lifetime Referrals
  • First Attempt Easy Registration –Just Sing Up as Registered User
  • You will earn a minimum $1 After Completion a Survey.
  • Super Competitive of AdF. Ly and
  • Widget Ad Facility for more Earning.

Points earn Sign up

3. Points Earn is third Best Alternatives of It is also most preferred by people in India. This is little harder than above. I have also been using this method for life time online earns. This is works Like But in this Average   $1 to $20 paid for Per Download or per survey completion and Minimum Payout 25$ Via Paypal .Why the best choice for Indian’s, Because Wire Transfer facilities Available in India in this method. Points Earn is one of the finest methods to make money online in India. The other Country user may also try. After this is the best choice for all.

If you are from India then this is the best for you, in this method
Four Reason of Selection

  • High Paying Survey – Points Earn provide high paying Survey which gives you more chances to earn: $1 to $20
  • Minimum Payout $25 (via PayPal and wired)
  • Each Country different Survey and different paying offers.
  • Best option for Indian users which is Wired Transfer facility.
  • Earn 7% from your lifetime referrals

In our Opinion ShrinkOnce is the best Choice in India.
Huge earn online via Upload and Sharing.
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