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 Airtel came back again blasting with Pd proxy. We always provide best tricks for my all loyal users. Now Pd proxy starts free internet with an Airtel 3G network. Now you can enjoy unlimited free internet via Pd proxy. If you have a premium account. If not then don’t worry. Just you have to need more free Pd proxy account. Just Go and register with Pd proxy. Confirm working wherever TCP 443 is Open. Right now TCP 443 is Working Many States. Just have Try by Self.

Again we are presenting a new Airtel proxy trick. And this is on a home page based proxy. This is working some states. So let’s try. If you are thinking of the home page proxy. Then you are thinking right. First time Airtel 3G working free with the home page proxy. More information tries self.

                                   Airtel home page proxy 2013

Fast and unlimited free Airtel 3G working trick. I think everyone listening first time. Airtel homepage proxy.

Now Aircel has been offering free 3G unlimited internets for 30 days. It will only work on 3G networks. Or wherever is Aircel 3G. This is not a trick. Free internet time is between 6:00 am to 9:00 pm. This is very good news for Aircel user’s. Chill for 30 days free internet. This scheme is Aircel promo. So now enjoy free unlimited 3G fast internet for 30 days.
Are you bothered to less traffic, now do not worry. Just correct your Meta tag and get more traffic to your blog portal. If you do not know how to create Meta, So we can show you how to make Meta tags. Meta is essential for every Blog, if you are newbie or just starting your blog then first makes your Meta. Every blogger needs good traffic. And it’s incomplete without Meta tag. So you have to need simple instruction for a good Meta.

We got new Sathik Premium VPN which confirm working in DELHI, AP, Chattisgarh, Let’s have a party today. Everybody knows about Vodafone TCP works great compare of Airtel TCP. You don’t know it is giving 700 kbps downloading speed in Delhi. Give it a try.

      New Vodafone 3G Sathik Premium VPN

Good News for Vodafone User’s. Vodafone Start Again blast with Sathik premium VPN with good downloading speed. In idea also workingproxy trick you may also try working well in Ghaziabad.
Are you searching latest free and fast proxy? Do not worry here is the latest proxy list. They all proxies fast and free, which is working on port 80. Free IP’S from India.  So let’s party again. In our opinion you can use these proxy only for free downloads, like music, video, movies, wallpaper, software and apps. If proxies and vpn’s premium then you can try eCommerce Site.

Free Latest Proxy list from INDIA
 (latest free and fast proxy)
Hey Guys today, I am presenting a new IDEA Proxy tweak which is fast one first time in the Idea. One year after Idea proxy again working. No one Idea VPN not working right now. The proxy works like VPN, or you can say VPN Alternative.

                                                    Idea Premium Proxy 2013
After a long time Idea premium proxy 2013 come back with fast and free internet. It’s time for you gladly. Because none of IDEA vpn is not working right now.
I am presenting today latest Reliance proxy trick for all reliance users. This is working in all over India. We again come back with latest reliance proxy trick Feb/march 2013. So enjoy with a reliance proxy trick. Reliance proxy trick working fine wherever 3G network with best strengths. This is working both 2G/3G. This trick will work with 3 APN’S. SMARTWAP, SMARTNET & RTLMMS. So you have to first try. Lets how to configure.

Reliance proxy trick for FEB/MARCH 2013

After many times Reliance proxy trick come back with super fast internet. This is smart one proxy trick so, once you should definitely try.

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Create free Blogger Template.

A template of any blog is creating a great impression to users or visitors. If your blog has good quality content but the looking is not so attractive then you will loose traffic from your blog, User are attracted by a good and attractive template also.
free Blogger Template 2013
Today we are sharing another attractive blogger free Premium template.
This template is very attractive and good looking.
This Template named Sikuai Sumatera is very popular premium template on blogger.
But here we share how to use this premium template free.
Sikuai Sumatera has 2 columns, left sidebar, exclusive & premium gallery feature, footer & columns, Attractive post column & thumbnails with natural colors.
Sukuai Sumatera Template is specially designed for photography blogger and also use mostly by Movie & Travel Blogger.
How to Build Traffic to your Website or Blog?

Today anyone wants to build a career in blogging or web designing, Everyone shifted to creating a blog website as a full time job or part time job, But they de-motivate by seeing the blog visitors statistics, It is very necessary to build audience and visitors to your blog.
Users also want to increase their web traffic so that their business can grow fast.
A website is a location on Internet accessible by inputting a unique domain address that provides information on a Subject, Topic, Person or Organization.

Videocon VT 71 Tablet

The Market of Tablet is on its Boom So the well known companies are also enters in Market by Launching Videocon VT10 – 10 inch, Which set the name of Videocon in Tablet market in November 2012.
Now Videocon again launch Tablet named VIEDOCON VT 71 as cheaper as RS 4799.
Here is a small review of this Tablet, whether its price & specification attract customers,

The screen Resolution is good & display is as usual other tablet which is in size 7.1 Inch, Its Capactive Touch makes it ahead from other available Tablet in Same Range.